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The history of Dynamic Tertiary Professional Education (DTPE CAMPUS) has been preserved by the motto, “practicing love.” Love is one of the most precious values of our lives. This is why the education of DTPE CAMPUS has honor and dignity.

The education of DTPE CAMPUS is based on this dignity, and expands on this value with creativity and professional practicality. Creativity is the power that can change our world, and professional practicality is the driving force behind new development.

Our dignified, creative, and professional students will make the world a warmer and better place. From this soil that is the education of DTPE CAMPUS, the dreams of our world will grow, and those dreams will blossom and bear the wonderful fruits that would make our world a beautiful place.

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Why Choose DTPE CAMPUS ?

More than an education

Campus is about more than an education. Your university experience gives you the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help you make your world better. Whether you’re a school leaver or a mature student, university opens up a host of new opportunities and lets lets build you future.

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Career Pathway

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is a considerably more structured approach and its aim is to achieve theoretical and practical outcomes through an incremental approach for developing advanced management competencies and research skills. This DBA is designed to fulfill the following objectives.

To contribute to both theory and practice in relation to business and management
To develop professional practice and to contribute to professional knowledge of management

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