Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is a considerably more structured approach and its aim is to achieve theoretical and practical outcomes through an incremental approach for developing advanced management competencies and research skills. This DBA is designed to fulfill the following objectives.

  • To contribute to both theory and practice in relation to business and management
  • To develop professional practice and to contribute to professional knowledge of management
  • To create new knowledge through original/ applied research of a quality that makes a significant contribution to development of the business field and satisfies peer review and merit publication
  • To demonstrate critical reading and analytical skills by critically analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating data, making judgments and identifying solutions to problems
  • To demonstrate leadership and originality in tackling and solving problems
  • To exercise personal judgment and responsibility in complexand unpredictable situations in professional and/or managerial environments

Entry Criteria

Completion of a Master’s degree in any discipline, or equivalent. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a good standard of English. In absence of academic qualifications, appropriate work experience and other qualifications will be considered.

Awarded By -IIC University of Technology, Cambodia